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• Turns your smartphone into a remote

• Range up to 70 metres

• One level of tone (beep)

• One level of vibration stimulation

• 15 adjustable levels of static stimulation

• Waterproof & Rechargeable System Includes

• Training Collar with Adjustable, Replaceable Nylon Strap

• Free PetSafe® SMART DOG™ Trainer App

• Charging Adaptor • Quick Start Guide

• Three Year Warranty How It Works:

The PetSafe® SMART DOG™ Trainer is the newest way to train your dog! The SMART DOG™ Trainer App eliminates the need for the handheld remote used with most trainers. Using Bluetooth® technology, your smartphone or tablet connects to the training collar and allows you to send a tone, vibration or static stimulation to your dog’s training collar from up to 70 metres away. This training collar is the perfect match for pet parents who are in the process of training their dog and have a smartphone. The SMART DOG™ Trainer can be used to reinforce desirable behaviours and stop unwanted behaviours such as jumping, digging, etc


The SMART DOG™ Trainer App requires a Bluetooth® 4.0 compatible phone with one of the following operating systems: iOS 8 or later / Android™ 5 or later
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