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      ANGEL LEATHER By Barkley & Pips

      ANGEL LEATHER By Barkley & Pips

      Based in Toronto, Canada and founded in 2006.

      Through extensive market research and the sourcing of quality raw materials, Angel has been able to create some of the most popular designs appealing to the majority of pet parents. Manufacturing products that are both humane and comfortable for your pet is what we understand best as we truly believe that every pet is as unique as their guardians.

      Named after our beloved Chocolate Lab, Angel began as a result of a long search for a good quality, esthetically appealing yet affordable leather collar and leash. For a greater part of Angel's life, we had a difficult time locating a beautiful work of art.....something that would further enhance her outer beauty. We were looking for something that would encompass the 5 main attributes of our initial and current philosophy:






      Angel deserved to look and feel her best.

      It seemed as though everywhere we turned, our choices were either something very plain, lacking the quality we expected or something extremely expensive that in many cases also lacked the quality behind the hefty price tag. After a few months of extensive research, design and creation, Angel Pet Supplies began supplying high quality yet affordable leather pet products in late 2006.

      Our commitment to providing the best products is why you should purchase an Angel leather dog Collar for your Dog or Cat